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Available now at Sabine's Boutique -- Suzi Roher designer scarves for women!

Love Formula Scarf

Love Formula Scarf

Love - 100x Scarf

Love 100x Scarf - Love in one hundred languages.

Fragmentary Scarf

Fragmentary Scarf - Original collage using torn prints from our last collection. Married pieces from different contexts make a beautiful conversation.



Throughout her career, Suzi Roher's innovative designs have secured a prominent place for her at the forefront of international women's fashion. 


Her signature line of beautifully-crafted scarves is a virtual celebration of universal themes every woman can relate to: from love, to exotic getaways, to art and pop-culture. Made in Italy, each generously proportioned scarf is lightweight and luxuriously soft to the touch, making it the perfect fashion accessory to enhance any outfit, and so comfortable to wear. 


Sabine's Boutique is excited to carry an extensive selection of Suzi Roher scarves. There's one to match every woman's passions, emotions, and personality. Stop by today to check them out and see which one one suits you best!


Sabine's Boutique is conveniently located on Mountainview Road in Warren New Jersey.


We look forward to seeing you soon!





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